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Game Night

GAME NIGHT is a brand-new modern day farce that follows the hilarious highs and even funnier lows of a gay couple who are only weeks away from their wedding. However, they become obsessed with getting their picture in The New York Times' engagement section after learning the paper has started including same sex couples.


Things go terribly awry when they learn they have a mutual friend with  the editor from The Times, and manage to invite him to one of their weekly "game nights." From one small lie comes many other tall tales, and with another gay couple at the party going through growing pains, a drunken ex-girlfriend desperate to be the couple’s surrogate mother, and a straight Methodist trying to play a fabulous gay New Yorker, the game charades takes on a whole new meaning.


A hilarious, yet poignant commentary on the state of gay marriage, GAME NIGHT offers a hysterical look at relationships, childbirth and offers a glimpse of one example as to what extremes a gay couple would go to be recognized and counted.

Crescendo Falls

A cult hit in late night theatres across the country, this hilarious six-part episodic comedy soap opera follows the backstabbing antics of its beautiful but deadly residents.


Crescendo Records in thrown into a chaotic power struggle with the death of R.J. Covington, its founding owner. And thus begins the greatest power struggle since the Carringtons and Ewings. In addition to outlandish story lines and insatiable lovemaking, other soap opera conventions are skewered as well. Women carry babies full term in a matter of weeks, tots grow to teens in a matter of months; characters who never leave the show tend to have multiple actors playing the part; and deadly peril is all in a days work.

The double crossing, bed-hopping and always perfectly groomed residents of Crescendo Falls will stop at nothing to fulfill their wants and desire, living up to the town’s motto with flying colors: Crescendo Falls - Beautiful People, Ugly Town.

""Judging from the first fast-moving episode, it looks like this town will be worth several visits." -- Michael Dale,
Heads Up

Taking place in a New York City six floor walk-up, with two apartments on each floor, a hapless deliveryman finds himself entangled in a seemingly unending sequence of personal conflicts, lover’s quarrels, and family disputes of New York life.


As he visits each apartment, trying to complete his delivery, he becomes a mediator,conciliator, hero, lover, friend and in some cases enemy to the strange denizens of this wild abode.


With a cast of seven (4 males, 3 females), the Delivery Man is played by the same one actor, while three women and three men play the multiple and varied residents of a crazy if not typical New York City brownstone.

Audience Participation

"No matter what their inspiration, I’ve consistently admired Kevin Hammonds’ scripts for their acerbic pop culture bashing and playful participation challenge. I don’t care how sophisticated you are, there’s no way to sit apathetically poised on the sidelines of one of these comedic little outbursts." - Alicia Grega-Pikul, TIMES LEADER

Interactive comedies, in the tradition of Tony and Tina's Wedding, put the audience in the middle of the action. These completely original comedies are excellent crowd pleasers, and can be performed in any location. Audience members act as guests at the wedding, mourners at a funeral, or a studio audience for a live television broadcast, even participating in the show by giving toasts or eulogies.

Audience members enter through metal detectors, offer their sympathies, act as pall bearers and stand before the mourners to read eulogies in honor of the beloved Tony Balsamo, Godfather of the Balsamo Crime Family.


Widow, Margherita Balsamo tries her best to keep her composure as her world falls apart around her. Her beloved husband was found dead in a hotel and it's anyone's guess who he was with at the time. Rumor has it that the woman in question is at the funeral itself, but the main question on everyone's mind is who will fill grandpa Tony's shoes and take over as the new "don" of the family.

Welcome to Verona, Texas, where the course of true lover never did run smooth. And the only course on the menu is chili!


Romy and Judy Sue's Texas Chili Cook-Off is a hilarious twist on Romeo and Juliet - pulled out of the classics and plopped down in a trailer park battle for Chili greatness.


Audience members take sides as the feuding families, the Wingos and Clappers, battle each other for the blue ribbon at the Annual Verona Texas Chili Cook Off, all the while star crossed lovers, Romy and Judy Sue try to give their love a shot outside the trailer park.

Muffy Van Gueberdeen is finally going to marry the man of her dreams. But when her stuffy, conservative family meets Frankie’s less than typical family, they are horrified (literally) to discover that Frankie's family are not your typical inlaws. In fact, they are monsters. Frankie's father is Frankenstein, his mother, of course, the Bride of Frankenstein, and his Godfather - Dracula.


Minutes before the wedding, the Van Gueberdeen's are confronted with the hideous and hilarious reality of the in-laws from hell and will do everything in their power to make sure the wedding does not happen. With audience members offering toasts, and family secrets popping out like drunken bridesmaids on the dance floor, Frankie and Muffy’s promises non-stop, hysterical, wedded bliss.

This interactive comedy takes place at the filming of the nation's hottest new reality series, MYSTERY WEDDING where contestant Bella Corzone shows up for the festivities in full wedding regalia, bridesmaids in tow. The only thing missing is the groom. However, there is no shortage of candidates, as four hopeful husbands wait in the wings to be interviewed, interrogated and tortured by the audience. AND THE BEST PART - The audience gets to pick which groom with whom Bella will walk down the aisle .


As the audience picks everything from caterers to the actual preacher, in typical reality television fashion, no stone is left unturned. Throwing in instant makeovers, immunity challenges and a final nail-biting walk down the aisle, this new comedy skewers reality television, all the while honoring it for the distinct creature it has become.

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