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Kevin has over twenty years of immersive theatre and experiential marketing experience that include escape rooms, Audience Participation theatre, murder mystery parties, treasure hunts and choose your own adventure narratives.

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Mohegan Sun Sunshine Video Trilogy

What started out as a singular escape room experience developed into a thrilling three-part holiday adventure spanning from Halloween through New Year's Eve.


Created a fully immersive horror experience which included interactive 80's video store, escape room (after picking up a possessed VHS tape and being sucked into an 80's slasher film), and finally, once guests escaped, they were treated to a free cocktail in the VIP lounge.

Winter Wonderland

Continuing with the 80's video store vibe, Sunshine Video was converted into magical Holiday Sequel complete with a brand new escape room (Fixing Santa's naughty and nice list). In addition, a magical winter wonderland maze was created with seven photo vignettes.

New Year's Renew

In the final installment of the Sunshine Video trilogy, a brand new escape room was created, along with a New Year's Refresh. Experience included new exhibits in which guests were invited to stick their resolutions to the resolutions wall, and throw a wish into the wishing well. Refuel, Replenish and Reward stations were set up with energy drinks, delicious snacks and donuts from the donut wall.

New York Comic Con

Created a family friendly scavenger hunt for families attending the New York Comic Con. Hunters would use the cutting edge technology of Gamiotics ( to search for items throughout the convention in search for future super heroes of the world.

The Stone Age - A Cannabis Museum Treasure Map

Created an interactive, immersive adventure for museum goers in an effort to get them to spend more time at the museum. Hunt included guests scanning QR Codes for clues via Gamiotics technology (, and searching for their next checkpoint.

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