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Currently starring in Anastaisa, Caroline O'Connor recorded this depressing gem from "When Midnight Strikes."

Dances with Wolves, The Musical? Yep.

So "Dances With Wolves" is being made into a Broadway musical. It's true.  When I first heard this, I thought it was a terrible idea, until I learned that Charles Miller and I were being considered to write the score. ThenI thought it was a fabulous idea.


But first we had to prove we were up for the task.  As a part of our pitch, we had to write a song depicting the great buffalo hunt, and how we would stage it.  How the hell do you put a herd of buffalo on stage??? Embracing the Native American tradition of story-telling, we wrote a song where the hunters, upon returning from the buffalo hunt, regaled their tribe of their adventures, around the fire, using masks and buffalo pelts, thus saving the producer the cost of hiring 1,000 buffalo. (btw, the Buffalo union is a nigtmare.)


Unfortunately, we weren't chosen for the job, but I think we wrote a pretty awesome song. Check it out "The Earth Cracked"  below:


Get the *&!!@?! Out!!

Easily our most successful song from "No One in the World" is the break up hit "A Girl of Few Words."


Unfortunately, we cut the song after the first production of the show before we knew it would be so popular. Originally, when it was in the show, it was the only song that addressed another character, not seen on stage.  All the other songs in the show are sung to the audience. It seemed weird to suddenly have this character turn and talk to her unseen boyfriend. So we cut it.


In the original production, the girl is supposed to be fed up with her loser, umeployed boyfriend. She finally screams "get the f**k out!" When we published our first song book, we watered it down and changed it to "Get the hell out." Consequently, when Julie Atherton recorded it for her album "A Girl of Few Words," she sang the cleaned up version. But when we released "It's Just The Beginning: The Songs of Charles Miller and Kevin Hammonds," the producers had Julie come back in especially to sing the more adult version. So basically she came into the recording studio to dub the word f**k.  Ah, showbiz.


After the song became popular, we seriously considered putting it back into the show, but felt like dirty sell outs. So it remains out. She's doing fine on her own.

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